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9 Office Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress
by kasia
9 Office Yoga Poses to Relieve Stress
Your job is important…but your body is too!

Many of us in this day and age spend hours at a time in front of our computers, leaving the body sore, stiff and tired, eventually leading to more severe ailments such as Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or a permanently hunched posture.

Although we all know what is good for us, it can be tough to find the time for a walk outside or a yoga class. The days just seem to fly by!

With these simple Yoga postures, you can give your body the attention it needs any time, without even having to leave your desk.

Neck Rotations
Following the breath, slowly rotate the neck in full circles at your own pace.
Shoulder Rotations
Lift the shoulders up to the ears and roll them forward, up your back and continue until you feel ready to roll them in the reverse direction.
Hip Opener
Keeping the lifted foot flexed and the chest up, gently lean forward until you feel a deep opening in the hip. Do the same on both sides.
Hip Opener with Long Back
Same as above but reaching the arms forward to hold onto desk or table.
Spinal Twist
Reach your right arm across your body to the left side of your seat, use the left arm to give a little pull on the back of your chair as you look over your left shoulder. Do the same on both sides.
Hand Stretch
Push palms forward and pull fingers up and back.
Hand Stretch Down
Then do the opposite by pointing fingers down and pushing the tops of your wrists forward. Be aware of your breath.
Chest Opener
Interlace your fingers behind your back pushing palms together. Lean forward and reach your arms up and over your head. Keep pushing your shoulders back and feel your chest opening.
Shoulder Opener
Use your left hand to pull your right arm across your body keeping the right shoulder back and right hand facing the wall behind you. Do the same on both sides.
Not only do long hours on a computer make your body feel… well… blah, it can also leave your mood seriously dampened! When you find yourself losing inspiration and enthusiasm after sitting in that old swivel chair all day, a few minutes of gentle yoga can REALLY help to reset your mind and bring back some life energy!

Let's give our bodies and minds the attention they deserve, on the schedule that our bosses choose! Now you have no excuse! ????

What are your favorite Yoga poses at the office?

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